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Glorious Garlic: From Garden to Table

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Garlic is one of the oldest crops in the world, and it's still a food staple in almost every culture. In fact, in the United States we eat over 250 million pounds of garlic a year. Every home cook uses garlic at one…  READ MORE right arrow
Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network
Garlic is a staple in cooking throughout the world. In Asia, thought to be the birthplace of garlic, it's still used heavily in almost all cuisines. Most Middle Eastern and European cooks use it daily and it's definitely a mainstay in Chinese cuisine. Although sparingly used in northern Italy,…  READ MORE right arrow


Garlic is part of the onion family of plants, and there are two types: softneck (Allium sativum) and hardneck (Allium ophioscorodon). Softneck Garlic Softneck garlic has a long shelf life and it is the variety most often seen in grocery stores. The two common types of softneck garlic are…  READ MORE right arrow
Garlic is easier to grow than you might think. In fact, home gardeners have grown garlic in every state in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii! Hence, there are varieties of garlic suited for every climate. Hardneck varieties prefer long, cold winters, so are better for northern climates,…  READ MORE right arrow
Nitrogen-rich fertilizers are best for garlic, so choose an organic fertilizer such as bloodmeal, chicken manure, or a synthetic fertilizer that's high in nitrogen. We recommend getting your soil tested to see which nutrients your soil is lacking. Check with your local university or garden…  READ MORE right arrow

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