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Each season of the year has something special for us to appreciate. Here at RecipeLion headquarters in New England, we get to enjoy the quiet of a winter snow, the burst of color and life that nature provides in the spring, and the many flavors of the garden that we get from warm, sunny summer…  READ MORE right arrow
Bill Dugan


I’m a self-confessed lover of pasta. It’s so wonderfully easy and versatile! You could go all out and make noodles from scratch and make a sauce with only the freshest produce from your garden for a spectacular home-cooking showcase. Alternatively, you could toss some instant noodles…  READ MORE right arrow
Zucchini and corn are a match made in heaven—and in your kitchen! Whenever my daughters want a quick snack, these Zucchini Corn Fritters are one of my go-to’s. They’re not only incredibly yummy and easy to make, but they’re also very nutritious thanks to the two veggies. Cooking…  READ MORE right arrow
Some winter squash varieties just seem ready-made to serve up dinner. I love the look of an acorn squash, with its deep ribbing, deeper green skin, and the lovely, luscious surprise of its succulent orange flesh inside. And it’s small enough that you don’t feel like you…  READ MORE right arrow

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