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The Guide to Growing Okra

Please check out the brief video above, to learn what this premium gardening guide is all about—the video will give you a glimpse into all the content in this gardening guide, including history and background, planting tips, specific plant profiles, recipes, nutrition and health information, and resources to help you be the best food gardener you can be.

Come—let’s plan your perfect patch of tender, sweet okra! If your nose starts to crinkle when you think about okra, maybe it’s time to give it another look. Okra is so much more than something you add to soup. You can grill it,…  READ MORE right arrow
Okra is a frequent guest at the Southern dinner table; there’s something comforting and familiar about it; sometimes it’s called lady’s fingers because of its long, slender pods. It shows up cooked whole; as part of jambalaya; dried; pickled; grilled; roasted; and of course, in gumbo. The word…  READ MORE right arrow
Young okra plant


Inside a piece of okra
All okra are what we call day-neutral. Their growth is not dependent on the length of the day in order to bloom and grow.   READ MORE right arrow
Okra seedlings
You can grow okra from seeds if you live in an area where the soil is nice and warm at planting time; but even so, you’re much better off starting your seeds indoors and transplanting your seedlings as soon as the soil has warmed up. That way, you’ll get a little jump on the growing season—especially important if you live in a slightly cooler region with a shorter growing season.   READ MORE right arrow
Okra growing in a field
You can grow your okra anywhere you like—as long as it gets lots of sun. Okra hates shade. Find a spot with maximum sun exposure—at least six hours of direct sun a day.  READ MORE right arrow

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