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Beautiful Bell Peppers

Please check out the brief video above, to learn what this premium gardening guide is all about—the video will give you a glimpse into all the content in this gardening guide, including history and background, planting tips, specific plant profiles, recipes, nutrition and health information, and resources to help you be the best food gardener you can be.

Welcome to the colorful world of bell peppers! Bell peppers are one of the most popular home gardening crops. And no wonder: with so many varieties to choose, you can grow a whole rainbow in your garden! No matter whether you have a…  READ MORE right arrow
Bell peppers are common in most people’s kitchens: the sturdy, blocky green fruits are a regular on the dinner menu as part of a salad, a veggie plate, stir-fry dishes, and more. And, yes, it’s a fruit, even though we treat it as a vegetable.…  READ MORE right arrow
Variety of bell peppers in basket


USDA Hardiness Map
Bell peppers are a warm-season crop that grows best in USDA hardiness zones 9-11. Some of the US states that fall under these zones are: Zone 9: Arizona California Florida Hawaii Nevada New Mexico Texas Zone 10: Puerto Rico Virgin Islands Zone 11: Guam Bell peppers can be grown indoors, but they require a lot…  READ MORE right arrow
Red and green bell peppers growing in the garden
Bell peppers are the most common variety of pepper. They’re also, as it turns out, among the fussiest of the pepper family.  READ MORE right arrow
Gardener planting pepper seeds in the ground
Many gardeners start their bell peppers from seeds, but for different reasons. Gardeners living in a semi-tropical or tropical region can start their pepper patch by direct sowing their seeds outdoors; in fact, bell peppers grow as perennials in tropical regions.  READ MORE right arrow

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