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Jambalaya Okra

Jambalaya Okra

Jambalaya Okra

Jambalaya Okra

Jambalaya Okra

Jambalaya okra is the go-to okra if you’re growing okra for your first time. It’s considered to be the most productive okra plant. Period. It’s a hybrid, and it’s a prolific producer. These plants can start producing pods when the plants are just a foot or two tall, and they’ll keep on producing until they reach a height of 5 or 6 feet. You can direct-seed them or start seedlings early and transplant them.


  • Hybrid variety
  • Most productive variety
  • Compact plants
  • Meaty pods
  • Heavy yield; pick multiple times per week when pods are 3 to 4 inches long
  • Good for succession planting
  • Good pickled, fried, or boiled
  • Days to maturity: 50

Do you grow Jambalaya okra? If so, please tell us your top tips for ensuring a delicious harvest.


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