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Harvey Lemon Tree

Harvey Lemon Tree

Harvey Lemon Tree

Harvey Lemon Tree

Harvey Lemon Tree

One of the Harvey lemon tree’s endearing features is its ability to withstand cold temperatures down to 20 degrees F! It’s a tart lemon, very juicy, and practically seedless. This is a great lemon for making lemonade. The Harvey lemon tree is also resistant to most common lemon tree diseases.

Sun Exposure

  • Full to partial sun (six to eight hours)

Soil pH

  • 5.5 to 6.5

Hardiness Zones

  • 4 to 11 – patio
  • 8 to 11 – outdoors


  • 8 to 10 feet away from other trees


  • Water trees in ground deeply once per week
  • Allow top 2 to 3 inches of soil to dry out between waterings
  • Water container trees once top 2 inches of soil are dry to touch


  • Mature height: 12 to 14 feet
  • Mature width: 8 to 10 feet
  • Harvest September to March
  • Can fruit in the first year
  • Cold-hardy to 20 degrees F

Have you ever tried growing Harvey lemons? Are there any challenges you face growing them? Please tell us your best tips for growing Harvey lemons.


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