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French Red Shallots

French Red Shallots

French Red Shallots

French Red Shallots

French Red Shallots

Shallots are smoother and sweeter than the sweetest onions, and they add a special je ne sais quoi to recipes with a distinctive flavor that won’t overwhelm the dish. They have a sweet, nutty flavor that comes through when you sauté them in olive oil or butter. You can also cook these shallots with wine or use them in a homemade vinaigrette. As a bonus, red shallots are easier on the digestive system than onions. These shallots can store for about six months.


  • Require full sun
  • Hardiness Zone: 2 to 10 (check for specific planting directions)
  • Days to Maturity: 120
  • Pests/Diseases: rot easily if damaged; do not mulch
  • Color: reddish skin, white flesh with red rings
  • Flavor: sweet, nutty, not overpowering
  • Uses: soups, stews, caramelization

Have you ever grown French Red shallots? Please tell us about your experiences with French Red shallots.


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