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Fernleaf Dill

Fernleaf dill

Fernleaf dill

Fernleaf dill

Fernleaf dill

This dwarf-sized dill variety is becoming more popular among gardeners for its size and ability to produce foliage for superior color and flavor. Growing to just 12 to 18 inches, Fernleaf dill is perfect for growing in containers. Dwarf varieties like Fernleaf can also grow in fewer than full daylight hours. This variety prefers “just right” weather—not too hot, not too cold. It was an All-America Selections award winner in 1992.


  • Leaves mature in 55 to 60 days; seeds mature in 90 to 100 days
  • Height: 12 to 18 inches
  • Full sun or part shade
  • Abundant blue-green foliage
  • Dwarf variety perfect for containers
  • Superior flavor to serve fresh with fish, in soups, and in salads

Have you tried growing Fernleaf dill? Did you grow it in containers? Please tell us your experiences growing Fernleaf dill.


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