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Dulce Fennel

Dulce Fennel

Dulce Fennel

Dulce Fennel

Dulce Fennel

Dulce Fennel is a sweet herb variety of fennel that is aromatic—the young shoots, dill-like herb, and seeds are used for culinary purposes. The seeds can be used for a highly digestible herbal tea. As a spice, Dulce Fennel seeds are used to season fish dishes, especially with Indian cuisine. Dulce Fennel is gorgeous in your garden, as the beautiful filigree flowers rise above most other plants and make for a nice visual contrast.
Dulce Fennel is easy to grow and is a hardy plant—it can be grown in containers and started indoors, too.


  • Grows up to 6 1/2 feet tall and 1 1/2 feet across
  • Develops beautiful yellow flowers that bloom July through September
  • Thrives when growing in full sun
  • Drought-tolerant with moderate watering requirements
  • Sweet anise-flavored seeds and pungent foliage

If you’ve grown Dulce Fennel, tell us why you like it and how it tastes by commenting below.


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