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Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel has both culinary and medicinal purposes. It’s easy to grow and is a perennial for your garden. Bronze Fennel is stunningly beautiful as an ornamental plant in your garden and delivers curative seeds, too. Try making tea with the seeds or aromatic leaves as a way to soothe your upset stomach or calm your nerves. Season seafood, salads, or cooked vegetables with the sprigs of feathery coppery-bronze leaves.
Bronze Fennel is easy to grow and is a hardy plant—it can be grown in containers and started indoors, too.


  • Grows up to 5 feet tall and 2 feet across
  • Develops green foliage with coppery-bronze flowers
  • Needs minimum of six hours of sun daily
  • Can tolerate a light frost
  • Drought-tolerant with moderate watering requirements
  • Mellow anise-flavored seeds and foliage

Have you tried growing Bronze Fennel? How do you use it? Please tell us your experiences growing this variety by commenting below.


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