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Cascade Delight Raspberries

Beautiful ripe raspberries

Beautiful ripe raspberries

Beautiful ripe raspberries

Beautiful ripe raspberries

If you live in a climate with a lot of rain or heavy soil, consider Cascade Delight raspberries. This variety shows outstanding resistance to root rot, and has many other plusses, too. Cascade Delight boasts a plentiful crop of big, bright red fruit that are firm and conical and with a traditional raspberry flavor. These summer-bearing plants grow to about 5 feet tall, ripening in late summer to early fall.


  • Large and firm
  • Very resistant to rot
  • Grows best in zones 4 to 9
  • Nearly thornless
  • Produces white flowers
  • Great for snacking

Do you grow Cascade Delight raspberries? Do they thrive in your climate grow? Please tell us about your Cascade Delight raspberries.


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