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Cantino Fennel

Cantino Fennel

Cantino Fennel

Cantino Fennel

Cantino Fennel

Cantino Fennel is a variety of Florence Fennel—the “bulbing” type of fennel that is great for cooking. Cantino Fennel is a bolt-resistant plant that is good for early planting and has a long growing season. Try slicing the bulbs thinly for a salad or slaw. Roast the bulbs to caramelized sweetness for a terrific vegetable side dish. Or use the fronds as an herb-flavoring for sauces and soups.

Cantino Fennel is easy to grow and is a hardy plant—it can be grown in containers and started indoors, too.


  • Grows up to 3 feet tall and 1 1/2 feet across
  • Develops pale green oval or round bulbs at soil level
  • Feathery dark green tops
  • Likes a lot of sun, but not scorching heat
  • Likes cooler temperatures and can even tolerate a light frost
  • Moderate watering requirements
  • Sweet anise-celery flavor

Have you tried Cantino Fennel? Tell us how it tasted to you compared to other varieties by commenting below.


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