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The Right Way to Weed Your Ginger Garden

Removing weeds

Removing weeds

When it comes to weeding, ginger is not a labor-intensive crop.

The best way to discourage weeds is to lay down a layer of mulch around your plants—without touching the stems. The mulch does double duty: it deters weed growth and helps retain moisture around the plant. And you know how much ginger loves water!

The best treatment is prevention, of course. So be sure that wherever you’re planting your ginger, you’ve adequately tilled the area where you plan to plant and you’ve removed any weeds and debris. That will put you a step ahead in the weeding game.

Once your ginger plants start growing, they’re likely to squeeze out any competition. If you do spot some weeds cropping up, give them a solid pull and take them out by the roots. Try not to disturb the roots system of the ginger plant or its developing rhizomes.

Do you have problems with weeds in your ginger garden? How do you handle weeding—and preventing weeds in the first place? Please tell us how you handle weeds in your ginger garden.


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