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Sun Requirements for Growing Parsley

Parsley in sunlight

Parsley in sunlight

Parsley does best in warm environments that receive six to eight hours of sunlight every day. Plant your parsley in an east-facing part of the garden, or an east-facing window, if indoors, to avoid the scorching midday sun beating down on your parsley—so, give it a full sun or partially shaded location.

There is a difference in sunlight requirements between young and mature parsley plants. This is one reason to plant in pots or containers, so that you can easily move the plants around to accommodate sunlight needs as your parsley plants mature.

Young parsley plants can get too much sun, while mature plants don’t require shade and love the sun all day long. Seedlings are less tolerant and need a bit more protection from the sun until they get past the seedling stage. Full-sun conditions may lead to leaf scorch on seedlings, which causes discoloration and a droopy effect—especially along the edges of the leaves. Anything less than full sun for mature parsley plants has the same effect, without the discoloration.

Another technique for optimizing sunlight for your parsley plants as they mature is to plant them in a spot where you can control the sunlight and shade with awnings, for example, or some other shade device.

How do you ensure that your parsley plants get the right amount of sunlight? Do you have tips for getting your parsley planted in the right spot for proper amounts of sun? Please tell us how you handle satisfying sunlight requirements for your parsley.

    • Norann O.

      Christine – this is a great question that many people often ask, so we’ve written a whole article about it. Please take a look at:

      Watering Your Parsley Plants

      We always recommend watering in the morning whenever possible. In general you’ll want to water your parsley plants once per week or whenever the soil is dry. If you poke your finger into the soil to a depth of 1 inch it should feel moist. If it isn’t, then give your parsley a drink.


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