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How—and When—to Water Your Ginger Plants

Watering ginger plants.

Watering ginger plants.

Watering ginger is a delicate dance of staying right in the Goldilocks zone—not too much, not too little. Ginger being a tropical plant, it does love heat and humidity, but not to the point of being soggy. No one likes sitting around with wet feet.

Ginger plants do best with saturated soil up to twice weekly. Check the soil; if it’s dry to the touch, give the plant a little drink. Daily misting of the leaves will emulate that tropical vibe ginger likes so much.

Ginger does love humidity, so keeping ginger plants close to a water source is a good idea; if you live in a really humid region, here’s a reason to celebrate!

Whatever you do, don’t let the soil dry out to the point that you see dust or cracks in the earth. If you’re growing your ginger in containers, you don’t ever want to see the soil pulling away from the side of the container. Keep that watering can handy!

In the fall, as your plants wind down into their last month of growing, you can reduce your watering and let the soil dry out a bit. This will encourage the ginger root to mature and finish forming rhizomes.

How often do you water your ginger plants? And what time of day do you water? Please tell us how you ensure that your ginger plants get the right amount of water.


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