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The start of a new calendar year can mean something different for everyone. For some, it’s a time for a sleepy recovery after an exhausting holiday season. You hunker down on your couch under your coziest blanket while you enjoy a steaming bowl of chili and binge-watch your latest TV obsession. For others, it’s a…  READ MORE right arrow


Philly cheesesteaks are a comfort food that you often don’t find on menus throughout the United States. They are, as the name implies, quite famous and popular around Philadelphia. The story goes that Pat Olivieri invented the steak sandwich (originally without cheese) in 1930 when he cooked some chopped meat on his hot dog grill…  READ MORE right arrow
Don't take this the wrong way. I LOVE a good pie crust made with butter and flour, or a rich Graham cracker crust. Yum! I'm not about to give them up. I also love dates and fruit, so I was intrigued by the idea of making…  READ MORE right arrow

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