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Asparagus—King of the Garden

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Do you enjoy eating asparagus bought at the grocery store? Then you’ll love asparagus straight from your home garden. The crispness, the flavor, the color of homegrown asparagus is beyond compare. And growing asparagus is so easy! A little work up front will…  READ MORE right arrow
Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network
If you’ve ever been tempted to pick up a stalk of cooked asparagus with your fingers and bite into its crisp, delicious flesh—you’re in good company! Asparagus is considered a finger food—so long as it’s not covered in sauce—in England and many other countries. With…  READ MORE right arrow
A beautiful fresh harvest of asparagus


Purple, white, and green asparagus
Asparagus come in three main types: green, purple, and white. Technically, white is not a variety but is cultivated in a way that inhibits photosynthesis, leaving the asparagus white. Another consideration when choosing asparagus plants: they are either male or female. Though both types will yield…  READ MORE right arrow
Asparagus in healthy soil
Healthy asparagus plants start with great soil in which to grow them. Asparagus thrives in well-drained soil that has been enriched with organic matter, such as well-aged compost or manure, a few weeks before planting. And it’s alright if you don’t make your own compost—you can buy…  READ MORE right arrow

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