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Heshiko Scallions

Heshiko Scallions

Heshiko Scallions

Heshiko Scallions

Heshiko Scallions

Also spelled Hishiko or He Shi Ko, these bunching onions are delicious and easy to grow. You can grow them year-round in almost any zone; in the northernmost zones, you can grow Heshiko scallions by using cold frames or other light winter protection. If you grow Heshikos you can divide them and keep them growing year-round.


  • No bulbs
  • Can be considered a perennial (eat some, leave some)
  • Cold-hardy
  • 65 days to maturity

Have you ever tried growing Heshiko scallions? Are there any challenges you face growing Heshiko scallions? Please tell us your best tips for growing Heshiko scallions.


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