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Brandywine Raspberries

Red Raspberries
Beautiful ripe raspberries

Beautiful ripe raspberries

Brandywine raspberries are a hybrid of red and black raspberries, with a true purple color. With tall, firm canes that stay put without spreading much, this raspberry plant produces big, soft fruit with tart, full flavor. Brandywine raspberries are perfect for jams, jellies, and pies and, true to their name, are often used in wines and other spirits. Plant in spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. Height varies.


  • Large size, soft texture
  • Tart and rich flavor
  • Insect-resistant and hardy
  • Drought-resistant
  • Ever-bearing, ripens mid-season
  • Holds its shape; perfect for jams, jellies, and pies

Do you grow Brandywine raspberries? If so, please tell us your top tips for ensuring a delicious harvest.


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