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Nutrition Facts about Corn

Learn nutrition facts about corn to find out exactly which nutrients are found in corn—and to what degree—along with the most common compounds available in this healthful vegetable.

Steamed sweetcorn on the cob

Steamed sweetcorn on the cob

Corn is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and is relatively low in protein and fat. It’s true that corn is high in carbohydrates—most of which is starch. But depending on the amount you eat, the fiber content in whole corn and popcorn can balance out your blood sugar levels. Nutritionally, corn is considered a grain, but it’s naturally gluten-free.


Here are the nutrients in 1 cup of sweet yellow corn:

Sweet Corn Nutrition

The main plant compounds in corn are:

  • A yellow-red pigment and antioxidant carotenoid, lutein has been extensively studied for its beneficial health effects, particularly in the macular area of the retina.
  • Similar to Lutein, this antioxidant carotenoid gives corn its yellow hue and also offers many health benefits, especially for vision.
  • Ferulic acid. This polyphenol antioxidant found in grains can help prevent some cancers.

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