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Health Benefits and Home Remedies of Radishes

Daikon radishes growing in the garden

Daikon radishes growing in the garden

Daikon radishes growing in the garden

Daikon radishes growing in the garden

Radishes aren’t particularly high in nutrients, but they do provide a platform for people to use when they are adjusting to healthier eating habits, like reducing refined carbohydrates and breads.

Here are some of the other ways radishes contribute to good health.

Blood Sugar

One of the biggest benefits of eating radishes is its ability to lower blood sugar, because it is so high in fiber. Fiber slows down how fast your body processes food, which gives this result.


Cruciferous vegetables like radishes are shown to help prevent cancer due to their compounds that break down into isothiocyanates, which help clean the body of cancer-causing radicals that cause tumors.

Digestive Health

Studies have shown that people who drink radish juice are protecting their gastric tissue against ulcers and inflammation in the gut. Perhaps it’s because it’s also an antifungal.

Healthy Weight

Radishes are low in calories and net carbs. They make a great substitute for potatoes and can be used as a garnish in any number of healthy recipes. If you aspire to the dietary guidelines of “eat the rainbow,” you can’t go wrong adding radishes to the menu.

Radish Home Remedies

Radish juice contains high levels of vitamin C, plus phosphorous, zinc, and vitamin B. Cleansing your skin with radish juice can help your skin maintain moisture, but because it’s also an antifungal, it can help with acne and dry skin blemishes.

Radish juice can also be used as a diuretic due to high fiber content, and is good for promoting bile production, which is important for liver and gallbladder health.

And finally, when you get a bad bug bite, radishes have anti-inflammatory topical properties, so simply cut open a radish and place it on your bug bite for instant cooling relief that may keep swelling down.

Did you know that radishes were so dynamic? Please tell us your biggest reason for growing and eating radishes.


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