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Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

How would it feel to have your own vineyard in your backyard?

That’s what’s in store for you when you enter the world of backyard grape growing. Because of their versatility and adaptability, grapes are easy to grow in almost any climate, which is why they’re becoming newly popular with food gardeners.

For the grape lover in you, we’ve prepared this all-in-one guide about growing, harvesting, and eating—with some easy-to-prepare and tasty recipes—your own home-grown grapes.

Check out this collection’s Introduction, which has some background, history, and basics about grapes that you’re sure to find fascinating. Then, in the Feature Articles, you’ll get specifics about grape gardening—from types of plants and site selection to pruning, watering, weeding, and controlling and preventing diseases and pests.

No matter how experienced a gardener you are, you’re sure to learn new things about grapes in this collection, whether it’s the fact that you shouldn’t mulch your vines or what to do about the spotted wing drosophila!

 In Plant Profiles, you’ll learn about the popular varieties of grapes, so you’ll have specific details about the characteristics and best uses for these particular varieties.

There are hundreds of grape varieties, some with a single use and others that are more versatile. Some like it hot, and some are cold-hardy. You’ll learn that you can find a grape for any purpose to grow in your specific garden! If you’d like us to include another grape variety that appeals to you, please let me know by commenting below.

We are, after all, a network of food gardeners—for and by fellow food gardeners—who want to enjoy all the benefits of growing our own delicious food at home!

One of the things that makes Food Gardening Network unique is the assortment of super easy and delicious Recipes, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your gardening labor. And that includes recipes for Grapes. There’s so much more to grapes than just eating them right off the vine and popping them in your mouth, from salads to main dishes to dessert.

A word about wine: We know winemaking is quite popular, and you may want to grow grapes for that use. It’s such a huge and complex hobby that we haven’t gone into it here—check out our Resources section for more details and resources about winemaking.

Next, you’ll learn Nutrition Facts about Grapes to find out exactly which nutrients are found in grapes—and to what degree—and the most common compounds. Home Remedies & Health Benefits of Grapes will help you learn about how key nutrients in grapes can help prevent some diseases, such as heart disease and some forms of cancer.

To help you understand the world of grapes even further, we’ve included a Resources section that is complementary to this collection. We aim to give you everything you need to grow, harvest, and eat delicious grapes, but feel free to take a deeper dive into these additional resources by visiting the links provided.

Finally, you’ll find a brief Glossary at the end of this collection in case you need a fuller explanation of any key terms and concepts.

So, go ahead: Read, learn, and enjoy your own personal vineyard in no time!

    • Norann O.

      Cotton Candy grapes sure are delicious, but unfortunately home gardeners wont’ be able to grow them on their own, at least for now. Cotton Candy grapes are a hybrid two other grape varieties – they are patented and not currently available for retail sale.


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