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Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Garlic is one of the oldest crops in the world, and it’s still a food staple in almost every culture. In fact, in the United States we eat over 250 million pounds of garlic a year.

Every home cook uses garlic at one time or another, and many prepare dishes with this herb several times a week. That’s why we’ve prepared this all-in-one guide for you about growing, harvesting, and eating—with some easy-to-prepare and tasty recipes—home-grown garlic.

In this collection’s Feature Articles, you’ll first learn some history and basics about garlic. Then, in Plant Profiles, we introduce you to popular varieties of garlic and we’ll get specific about the details for the best uses for these types of garlic.

Garlic is delicious to eat, but it’s also easy to grow! If you’re already a food gardener, some of this might be refresher content for you. But stick with it, because you’re certain to learn something new, especially when it comes to the history of garlic and how to incorporate it into your weekly recipe rotation.

While there are many of varieties of garlic, we’ve included five plant profiles that are some of the most common and easy to grow. If you’d like us to include another garlic variety that appeals to you, please let us know by commenting below.

We are, after all, a network of food gardeners—for and by fellow food gardeners who want to enjoy all the benefits of growing your own delicious food at home!

One of the things that makes Food Gardening Network unique is the assortment of easy and delicious Recipes, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your gardening labor. Our garlic recipes include uses for sauces, salad dressings, and main dishes. You’ll delight everyone at your table when you prepare garlic any of these ways, and these dishes are sure to become staples in your household.

Next, in Nutrition Facts & Home Remedies of Garlic you’ll discover that there’s more nutrition in garlic than you may have originally realized. And you’ll find out about the health benefits of garlic and how it’s been used for centuries in home remedies around the globe. We want to show you all the other benefits and uses for garlic, along with enjoying its garden-fresh deliciousness.

To help you explore the wonderful world of garlic even further, we’ve included a Resources section that is complementary to this collection. We aim to give you what you need to grow, harvest, and eat delicious garlic, but feel free to take a deeper dive into these additional resources by clicking on the links provided.

Finally, you’ll find a brief Glossary at the end of this collection—just in case you need an explanation of any key terms and concepts.

Now, go and be the best garlic gardener and cook ever!


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