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Asparagus—King of the Garden: All You Need to Know About Growing, Harvesting, Cooking, and Eating Delicious Asparagus

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network

Do you enjoy eating asparagus bought at the grocery store? Then you’ll love asparagus straight from your home garden. The crispness, the flavor, the color of homegrown asparagus is beyond compare. And growing asparagus is so easy! A little work up front will yield spears and spears of this crop—that King Louis XIV of France declared “the king of vegetables”—for years.

Not only is asparagus tasty, but a half cup serving of the long, elegant spears has only 20 calories and is packed with nutrition and health benefits.

Asparagus plants are perennials that, once established, can yield bountiful crops for up to 30 years! But because it takes a couple of years to hit its stride, if you want to grow asparagus in your garden we urge you to get started as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve prepared this all-in-one guide for you about growing, harvesting, and eating—with some easy-to-prepare and tasty recipes—your own homegrown asparagus.

In this collection’s Introduction, you’ll first learn some history and basics about asparagus—to get you ready for growing your own. Then, in the Feature Articles, you’ll get specifics about asparagus gardening—from types of plants and soil preparation to watering, weeding, and controlling and preventing disease.

If you’re already an advanced asparagus and food gardener, some of this may be refresher content for you. But, stick with it, because you’re certain to learn something new, especially when it comes to the history of asparagus and the recipes!

In Plant Profiles, you’ll learn about six popular varieties of asparagus, so you’ll have specific details about the characteristics and best uses for particular varieties of asparagus.

Out of all the asparagus varieties, we’ve chosen these six asparagus plants to profile because they are some of the most commonly grown. If you’d like us to include another asparagus variety that appeals to you, please let me know by commenting below.

We are, after all, a network of food gardeners—for and by fellow food gardeners—who want to enjoy all the benefits of growing our own delicious food at home!

One of the things that makes Food Gardening Network unique is the assortment of super easy and delicious Recipes, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your gardening labor. Asparagus is no exception!

These asparagus recipes include uses for salads, sides, soups, appetizers, and main dishes. You will be sure to delight everyone at your table when you prepare asparagus any of these ways, and these dishes will become staples in your household. Enjoy your asparagus harvest with these tasty recipes, and your family and friends will appreciate all your asparagus gardening efforts!

Next, you’ll learn Nutrition Facts about Asparagus to find out exactly which nutrients are found in asparagus—and to what degree—and the most common compounds. Home Remedies & Health Benefits of Asparagus will help you learn about how key nutrients in asparagus can help prevent some diseases, such as heart disease and some forms of cancer. You’ll also learn all about other benefits and uses for asparagus, besides just enjoying their garden-fresh deliciousness.

To help you explore the sweet world of asparagus even further, we’ve included a Resources section that is complementary to this collection. We aim to give you everything you need to grow, harvest, and eat delicious asparagus, but feel free to take a deeper dive into these additional resources by visiting the links provided.

Finally, you’ll find a brief Glossary at the end of this collection in case you need a fuller explanation of any key terms and concepts.

Now, let’s learn how to grow the best asparagus ever!


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