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Growing Melons from Seeds or Seedlings

Young cantaloupe melon seedling

Young cantaloupe melon seedling

Melons are easy to grow from seed. If you have a long growing season, you can plan to plant your seeds right out in the garden. If you have a shorter growing season and you need to get a head start, you can easily start your seeds indoors and transplant your seedlings when the conditions are right. Just be sure to pick a variety with a shorter growing window to make sure your melons make it to harvest time. You can, of course, pick up some seedlings at your local gardening center if you prefer; you’ll be one step closer to harvest!

Seed Planting Process

If you’re planting outdoors, make sure all danger of frost is past and that the soil temperature is at least 70 degrees F. Wherever you’re planting your melon seeds, hill up the soil and plant about six seeds in hill, a half inch deep.

Growing Seedlings

Honeydew melon seedlings growing in a pot

Honeydew melon seedlings growing in a pot

If you’re starting your seeds indoors, plant the seeds a quarter inch deep in peat pots or biodegradable paper pots at least 2 inches square. If you only put two seeds per pot, it will be easier on you and the plants when it comes time to harden off the plants and transplant them. When it comes time to plant them outside, they’ll go into the earth pot and all—it’s easier on their root systems.

Have you tried growing melons from seeds or seedlings? Which method do you prefer—and why? Please share your experiences with us.


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