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If there's one thing I love about the end of the year, it's spending time in the kitchen working up tasty treats for the dessert table. I especially love those days when the snow is falling gently and a few icicles hang on the branches of the pine tree outside my window. There's nothing like…  READ MORE right arrow


Oh, Chocolate Cream Pie! Pies are a classic dessert, and you can make a pie to please just about anyone. Whether it's a decadent pecan pie, a rich apple pie, or a unique shoofly pie (which rumor has it began life as a breakfast! Yes, please!), there's just something about pie that touches the heart.…  READ MORE right arrow
With just six main ingredients, the traditional no-bake recipe comes together in just 15 minutes. Chilled to perfection, this pie is the ideal balance between tart and sweet.  READ MORE right arrow
Spoiler alert: There are no real grasshoppers in the Grasshopper Pie. That said, this is the perfect retro pie, whether you want to reminisce about bygone times, throw a 1950s party, or just like fun pies. And even with that vintage shade of green, there's no food coloring involved, either. I remember the first time…  READ MORE right arrow
Millionaire Pie. The name alone conjures deliciously rich and decadent desserts. Indeed, it's the rich sweetness of this pie that the name comes from. What's nice, though, is that so much of that sweetness comes naturally from the fruits. Syrupy maraschino cherries and the candy-like sweetness of crushed pineapple bring a wonderful brightness to this…  READ MORE right arrow

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