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Please check out the brief video above, to learn what this premium gardening guide is all about—the video will give you a glimpse into all the content in this gardening guide, including history and background, planting tips, specific plant profiles, recipes, nutrition and health information, and resources to help you be the best food gardener you can be.

Welcome to the sweet, juicy world of oranges! Oranges are the perfect snack, the ideal juice, the heart of marvelous marmalade. There are hundreds of varieties of oranges to choose from, and so many different ways to use them—it’s a citrus paradise! And…  READ MORE right arrow
Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network
Evergreen trees are beautiful; they add color to the landscape all year long, and are a welcome sight in regions where deciduous trees lose their leaves in autumn as winter approaches. Of course, when someone hears the term “evergreen,” they start to think of…  READ MORE right arrow
Oranges growing on orange tree in garden


Blood oranges
It seems there are more types of citrus casually called orange than you can shake a zester at. While there are hundreds of different varieties of oranges throughout the world, for this collection, we’re looking at two broad categories of oranges that are popular with home gardeners in the U.S.   READ MORE right arrow

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