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Food Gardening Magazine • December 2022

Is there a better meal than one that comes straight from the garden? What if you used homemade spice and herb mixes in the meal? Or how about sitting down at a table with a gorgeous centerpiece of edible herbs? The December issue of Food Gardening Magazine is all about the garden-to-table experience for holiday meals…  READ MORE right arrow
Bill Dugan, Editor and Publisher of Food Gardening Network

Food Gardening with Amanda

Doesn't the idea of having all the ingredients you need (or at least most of them) for a big holiday dinner sound like fun? No more elbowing around the farmers market at the last minute hoping to find honeynut squash, or buying plastic-packaged herbs for your turkey? That sounds like a fine way to spend…  READ MORE right arrow
There are so many tasty edible gift ideas you can make from your garden: hot sauces, jellies, herb blends, salad dressings, teas, you name it! You can infuse vodkas by simply adding herbs and vanilla, and letting them marinate for a few days.   READ MORE right arrow
Our gardens are a source of so many positive things: nourishment, patience, fulfillment...and of course, literal food. Over the years I've gifted many things that have come from the bounty of my garden that I'd like to share with you so that you can do the same.  READ MORE right arrow

Gardening Guide Close-Ups

How big do lemon trees get? If you read that subheading, you might wonder why there are "answers" rather than just one answer. Simply put, there are a variety of lemon trees. Some of the tallest, like the Ponderosa lemon tree, may reach 30 feet tall. Others like to spread out. For example, the Eureka…  READ MORE right arrow
Despite its unmistakable appearance, the cauliflower is a somewhat mysterious vegetable. Cauliflower is a cool-weather crop that loves sunlight, it can be tricky to grow, and it's not naturally white, though that's the color we most often associate with this cruciferous vegetable. But knowing the cauliflower growing stages takes some of the mystery out of…  READ MORE right arrow
Hints of caramel and molasses. Sweet, smoky notes on the back of the tongue. A little tartness à la balsamic vinegar or tamarind. If this sounds delicious, you might be wondering how to make black garlic.  But first, you might be wondering what black garlic is. It's not burnt, even though it may look that…  READ MORE right arrow

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