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Starting a food garden is as exciting as it gets. There’s so much patient waiting required, then all of a sudden, your garden is full of color, fruits, veggies, and herbs ready to be cooked and plated. But sometimes, it’s going a little too well, and all at the same time.

You didn’t start a food garden to give all those delicious, ripe veggies away, or let them turn into compost, did you? Once the peak of summer hits, it’s totally normal to get a bit overwhelmed with the bounty and start looking for all the ways to cook, preserve, and store it as fast as you can.

This compilation of recipes from the kitchens of the Food Gardening Network team is sure to help you make the best choices with your harvest, especially when you have more veggies and herbs than you know what to do with.

We’ll start this culinary tour through your garden with early green tomatoes, and move into basil, blueberries, garlic, summer squash, bell peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes. Then we’ll clean up with beets, peaches, and corn! Bon Appetit!




Amanda MacArthur
Senior Editor & Producer
Food Gardening Network

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