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Food Gardening Magazine • September 2022

Hello, and welcome to the September issue of Food Gardening Magazine! I absolutely love September. Here in New England, we’re still enjoying those mouth-watering heirloom tomatoes, summer squash and fresh corn are both in season, and those early fall vegetables are starting to come in. It really is a cornucopia of delicious foods!  I could…  READ MORE right arrow

Food Gardening with Amanda

Where would wine be without cheese, or peanut butter without jelly? Simon without Garfunkel? And let's not forget our special guests today, the "Three Sisters" otherwise known as corn, beans, and squash. Native Americans have long understood that some plants work better together, and the Three Sisters' planting method is based on centuries of Native…  READ MORE right arrow
I spent all summer in my garden, delighting in my fresh vegetables and generously seasoning delicious recipes with an abundance of fresh herbs. My herb garden is right along the pathway to my home, so I love smelling the mint, then the basil, then the thyme, as I walk toward the house. But now with winter looming over us and the first frost ready to murder them all, I’m switching gears to harvest mode, and getting creative with ways to keep my home-grown herbs part of my daily cooking throughout the winter. I’m excited to share with you how to harvest fresh herbs in the fall to use all winter long.  READ MORE right arrow
I have a vivid memory of standing on a stool next to my parents at a newspaper-lined table, hands covered in pumpkin guts as we carved them to get ready for Halloween. My job was to sift through the pulp separating the seeds so my father could roast them. But that’s not the only option! When carving a pumpkin you can choose to eat the pumpkin seeds or you can save them for your spring planting. Here’s how to do both. You really can have it all!  READ MORE right arrow
I grew up thinking September was a time to wind down from summer gardening and switch over to harvesting. But I’ve actually learned that there are vegetables to plant in September that thrive in cooler temperatures, depending on your location.  READ MORE right arrow

Gardening Guide Close-Ups

So you grew those little trumpets of green and yellow! Congrats! It took all summer, but you did it! Now, do you have any idea what to do with summer squash? Summer squash comes in a variety of types, from zucchini, to crookneck, straight-neck, and scallop. So it's easy to get a bit excited and…  READ MORE right arrow
You may know green beans as a popular home garden vegetable. Aside from the fact that they taste fantastic, some of that popularity may have to do with how easy they are to grow and how productive bean plants are. Even so, there are some green bean companion plants that bring benefits to the garden,…  READ MORE right arrow
Unless you are growing a field of corn, getting those delicious golden ears takes work. "Why does my corn only have a few kernels?" you might ask. Or at least that's what the majority of my gardening groups start chatting about when corn harvesting season is upon us. Anyone who has tried to grow corn…  READ MORE right arrow

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