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Food Gardening Magazine • March 2022

It was just a few years ago when I first heard someone say that “March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.” It was a chilly morning with wind gusts that were blowing tree limbs around and you had to hold onto your hat if you didn’t want it to fly…  READ MORE right arrow

Food Gardening with Amanda

In March, most of us are just beginning to think about starting seeds after scouring seed catalogues for months and eagerly awaiting exactly this moment. Depending on where you live, it might be time to start seeds, or time to plant them directly in the ground.  READ MORE right arrow
There's no such thing as a perfect garden. And no matter how long you've been gardening, I bet you'd agree that something will always come up, even if it's just a wet season. After all, you don't have control over the rainfall, or the diseases that garden bugs might carry on to your plants. What you do have control of, is nipping it in the...bud (ha!).  READ MORE right arrow
If anyone ever said that a Type A personality and gardening didn't mix, they never heard of seed tape. Have you heard of it? This tool is the best way to feed your neuroses of perfectly spaced vegetables like carrots, lettuce, radishes, beans, and other seeds you tend to plant in bulk. It's a bit hard to find in stores, but that's fine because it's totally easy to make DIY seed tape.  READ MORE right arrow
Anytime is a good time for homemade soup. The more veggies the better, and the easier to throw in a pot, even better. Throw it in, and let it go, I say. This recipe is slightly more involved, but I promise it's for good reason! See, ever since I started making my own tomato sauces and pastes, I have come to adore the flavor of grilled and oven-baked tomatoes.  READ MORE right arrow

Gardening Guide Close-Ups

When most people think of parsley, they think of the curly green sprig next to their steak. Most people don't even eat it! I’ve seen parsley ignored and left to waste on plates at chain restaurants, small pubs, sandwich shops, and just about anywhere else you could eat out. But why? The history of parsley is so much more complex than a pretty green sprig next to protein!  READ MORE right arrow

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