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Food Gardening Magazine • August 2021

August is here and the garden is ah..mazing! Join Executive Director Kim Mateus to check out the August 2021 issue and get an early peek at some fun recipes, cool garden design ideas, and 10 garden chores that will make your garden better than ever.   READ MORE right arrow

Food Gardening with Amanda

If you want a happy garden, you can't really set it and forget it. If you ignore your garden for a few days in mid-summer, especially if you go away on vacation, you might come back to a jungle! And even if you're not skipping a few days of upkeep in the middle of summer, there are lots of mid-summer garden chores that will creep up on you quickly.  READ MORE right arrow
Pole beans are my favorite things to grow. If I had to choose only 3 things to grow, it would be tomatoes, peppers, and pole beans. I harvest them all, cook with them constantly, and while some gardeners get overwhelmed, I say "bring it on!"  READ MORE right arrow
If you have a beautiful garden that you're proud of, you probably like to show it off. Maybe you invite friends and neighbors to pick from your garden, or have little farm-to-table dinners in your backyard, because why not? For me, I'm still a kid at heart, so I love a good pizza party, and there's nothing better than grilled pizza.  READ MORE right arrow

Gardening Guide Close-Ups

There are probably a few reasons that people assume growing melons in containers is impossible. They tend to have expansive vines that take over everything in their path. The fruits are usually large and heavy. Melons would never be content to settle in a container. Right? They're explorers. They want to reach out, literally, with their tendrils and make their way in the world.  READ MORE right arrow

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