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Food Gardening Magazine • August 2020

Saying these are odd and turbulent times is probably the year’s biggest understatement. If you’re like me, this summer of physical distancing has meant spending more time at home—and for me, that means more time in my small, balcony garden and in…  READ MORE right arrow
Bill Dugan, Executive Editor of Food Gardening Network

Food Gardening with Amanda

Oh, late August, what a wonderful time of year. Just when you’re sad that the summer is winding down, you get reminded that fall is just around the corner when fresh corn sweetens and ripens with the season. Corn is a fickle vegetable to grow, so if you’re growing it yourself, high five to you! But if you’re supporting your local farmers at the farmer’s market, it will taste just as sweet, maybe even sweeter!  READ MORE right arrow
My daughter is two, and one of my favorite things to do with her is arts and crafts. As you might understand, being patient with a two-nager is a necessary skill in itself. Mine can go from wanting to glue and cut paper, to wanting to play with play-doh and then pulling out the paints in about 60 seconds. Making DIY plant pots at home, versus buying them at the store is not only cheaper, but a really good way to entertain a busybody toddler (and even moreso older kids!)  READ MORE right arrow

Gardening Guide Close-Ups

In this month’s Food Gardening Magazine, you get everything you need to know about growing watermelon in your home garden—from planting watermelon and how to pick a watermelon to how to tell if a watermelon is ripe and even how to create a watermelon trellis if growing watermelon vertically is your plan. How long does it take to grow a watermelon?  READ MORE right arrow
In this month’s Food Gardening Magazine, you get everything you need to know about growing garlic—a staple in every kitchen. And planting and harvesting garlic is not as difficult as you might think. If you want everything you need to know about planting garlic and enjoying it, this Gardening Guide is for you! Garlic is one of the oldest crops in the world, and it's still a food staple in almost every culture around the globe today.  READ MORE right arrow

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