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12 Best Vegetable Gardening Instagram Accounts For Tips, Photos, and Ideas

Searching for inspiration for your vegetable garden? Check out 12 of the best vegetable gardening Instagram accounts to learn their secrets!

Staying up to date on vegetable garden trends and coming up with new garden design ideas can be exhausting if you don’t know where to turn. Following gardening Instagram influencers can be a great resource for new growing methods and photo tutorials. It’s also really helpful to see real-life examples of people using different garden tools or growing techniques. Using Instagram is also a fun way to connect with gardeners from all around the world, who may have different cultures and techniques (not to mention different varieties of delicious herbs, fruits, and vegetables). If you are looking for gardening Instagram influencers, here are the 12 best vegetable gardening Instagram accounts for tips, photos, and ideas.

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Food Gardening Network (psst! that’s us right here) is a food gardening magazine that helps gardeners of all skill levels grow and cook nutritious food, from garden to table. A companion to this blog, the Food Gardening Network Instagram highlights gardening tips for planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs. My favorite part of this account (and I’m totally biased) is the delicious recipe posts. You can click through each photo for the full recipe.


Epic Gardening is an account run by Kevin Espiritu who posts content to all social media including TikTok, and YouTube. Kevin posts tons of photos and video content about garden tools and budget-friendly planting materials. Recently, my favorite post is the one where Kevin takes us on a video tour of his garden, pointing out features and materials used.


This account follows Diana, a Royal Horticultural Society student based in the UK. She posts photos of her gorgeous rainbow-colored vegetable harvests and showcases her gardening talents with seedlings, greenhouses, cold frames, and raised beds. I love her account because she doesn’t just show her wonderful harvests, she also shows the cleanup tasks and all the chores necessary to keep her gardens running smoothly.


If you’re searching for the best vegetable gardening Instagram accounts, check out @Growing.In.The.Garden. Growing in the Garden is an account run by Angela based in the state of Arizona. She has great tutorials on saving seeds, composting, and garden design tips. My favorite thing about all of her posts is how clearly she labels her materials and plants. Her video montage of how a luffa sponge is grown and harvested is fascinating!


If you’re looking for inspiration on how to utilize a smaller space to create a delicious vegetable garden, @UrbanVeggieGarden is the account to follow. Luay is an urban gardener, garden advisor, and cook. Luay also takes amazing photographs. Luay’s account features great Q&A segments in the form of Instagram stories and refreshingly honest behind-the-scenes intel about when a vegetable experiment goes awry.


In My Patch follows Sarah Rani, a self-taught gardener based in Australia whose positivity and cheerful attitude is truly contagious. It’s fun to follow Sarah’s account especially when in the U.S. we’re experiencing winter and her garden is thriving in its summer season. Her video tutorials and straight-shooting tips are really helpful for new and aspiring gardeners. Like this post where she shares that it’s okay to cut your losses (literally).


The Happy Gardening Life features posts from a community of gardeners. In fact, anyone can submit content for consideration by using the hashtag #thehappygardeninglife. This account features photos of colorful harvests, seed-starting tips, and even some humorous pet and animal cameos. Some users also post their DIY efforts like these adorable garden markers.


My Backyard Harvest is another Australia-based Instagram account featuring Penny the gardener who posts her backyard gardening adventures. From worm-composting to container planting, Penny’s posts feel like a backyard tour mixed with a tutorial slant. I always feel like I’m learning something from Penny’s posts. I love this post where we can share in Penny’s success at growing garlic at home for the first time.


Follow @mrsbeesgarden to get an inside look at a garden 20 years in the making. Debbie’s posts are a slice-of-life (often featuring adorable pup, Buddy). Debbie brings us along with her as she discovers sweet bird friends, and delicious vegetables in unique shapes. She even highlights the less glamorous moments like finding a touch of mold on a pumpkin and uses it as an opportunity to teach us about it.


When searching for the best vegetable gardening Instagram accounts, look no further than Lovely Greens. Lovely Greens follows Tanya Anderson on her organic gardening and plant-based lifestyle journey on the Isle of Man, an island between Great Britain and Ireland. Tanya shares great content about new and unusual methods of growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs. I had never heard of the bare-root strawberry growing method before reading her post.


Urban Veggie Patch is an Instagram account that chronicles the backyard gardening tips and tricks of an Australian garden. In the Instagram stories section, this account shares lots of tutorials and best practices for specific vegetables, seed storage, general Q&A, and more. I love seeing how different vegetables look in different areas of the world, like these Glass Gem Corn cobs.


The San Diego Seed Company Instagram account features tons of tips and tutorials like how to set up drip irrigation and the best ways to harvest carrots. Their specialization is regionally adapted seeds, like this funny cucumber named “Mark it, 8 Dude.” I love how the account shares these new varieties, their benefits, and how they can be used.

These are some of the best vegetable gardening Instagram accounts to follow, but there are so many more where they came from. If there’s a particular topic you are interested in like composting, garden design, or container gardens, try searching for those terms as a hashtag (i.e. #composting, #gardendesign, or #containergardens) as a way to discover other gardening Instagram influencers.

Do you have your own list of best vegetable gardening Instagram accounts to follow? Share their Instagram handles in the comments!

Discover 10 top tips for growing, harvesting, and enjoying fruits, vegetables, herbs and more from your home garden—when you access the FREEBIE How to Grow a Vegetable Garden, right now!

By Amanda MacArthur

Amanda MacArthur is Senior Editor & Producer for Food Gardening Network and GreenPrints. She is responsible for generating all daily content and managing distribution across web, email, and social. In her producer role, she plans, edits, and deploys all video content for guides, magazine issues, and daily tips. As a best-selling cookbook author, Amanda cooks using ingredients from her outdoor gardens in the summer and from her indoor hydroponic garden in the winter.

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