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The Best Green Juice Recipe for Kids

Green Juice Recipe for Kids

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The best green juice recipe for kids uses celery for the juice base instead of apples, to reduce sugar. But don’t worry, there are still apples, carrots and even a few mandarin oranges thrown in for kid-friendly flavor.




  1. Wash all of the produce. Whether you grew it, or it came in a bag, give it a good wash, peel your carrots and clementines, and remove the seed sections from your apples. Orange seeds are fine to blend.
  2. Start with celery, then move your way down the list, processing one ingredient at a time, and using the right setting for each fruit or vegetable on your juicer.
  3. At this point, taste your juice with your kids. If they want it sweeter, you can add another apple, one at a time until it reaches a flavor they like.
  4. Store in a recycled glass juice jar or large mason jar in the fridge for up to three days. The most nutritional benefits come from drinking right away.