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Dilly beans

Dilly Beans

What a delicious way to enjoy the dill and green beans you harvest from your garden! Eat Dilly Beans alone as a snack, as part of a charcuterie board, on burgers, in veggie sandwiches, and more. These Dilly Beans will stay fresh in the refrigerator for three to six months.




  1. Make your brine: in a saucepan, bring water, vinegar, salt, sugar, and garlic to a boil. Once it has boiled and the sugar has dissolved, remove from heat, set aside and allow it to come to room temperature.
  2. Blanch the beans: boil green beans for 1 minute, and then drain and immediately put in a bowl of ice water for 5 minutes. Drain the beans and set aside.
  3. In your clean jars, place onion, peppercorns, and red pepper flakes in the bottom. (Distribute evenly among jars.)
  4. Add your beans to the jars. Tuck some of the dill amongst the beans.
  5. Pour the brine over the beans, put a lid on them and keep them on the counter for 12 hours. Transfer to the fridge. Allow them to sit in the fridge for 2 days before consuming.