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4-Ingredient Artisan Bread

4-Ingredient Artisan Bread




  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine water, yeast, and salt.  Allow to rest for 5 minutes. Yeast should bubble.
  2. Add all the flour, in two batches to the mixing bowl. Combine until well mixed, allowing mixer to continue to stir for 5 minutes to knead the dough.
  3. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and set in a warm place for 2 hours. The dough will rise.
  4. Punch down dough, remove enough dough for the day’s baking.  Knead for a minute or two to smooth, and then shape into your desired loaf size. Place on baking sheet and cover with plastic wrap.  Allow dough to rise for 30 minutes.
  5. Store remaining dough, up to two weeks, in the fridge in a sealed container.
  6. Bake in 425 degree F oven, 25-30 minutes, depending on loaf size. Crust should be evenly brown and firm to the touch.  Allow to cool before cutting.