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Food Gardening Magazine • June 2021

Summer is officially here, and with it, all sorts of gardening adventures. Join Executive Director Kim Mateus to check out the June 2021 issue and get an early peek at some fun recipes, cool garden design ideas, and what we’re in the soil.  READ MORE right arrow

Food Gardening with Amanda

Some plants like the cool weather, while others prefer the heat. Some plants are easy to start indoors, like tomatoes, and others prefer to be planted directly, like beans.  One of my rules of thumb is to visit my local garden center and follow their guidance. They don't typically put anything out until it's safe for them to be planted. That's why you might see herbs in May, but not tomatoes until late May or June.  READ MORE right arrow
Citrus is such a joy of a fruit. Delightful to drink, and even more fun to bake with. I use a microplane to zest my lemons and I add the zest to everything from sautéed peas with garlic, to custards and sweets. Today we're going to use the juice and zest of a Meyer lemon or a regular lemon to make this delicious, dense, and moist Lemonade Cake Bread, which is also a nice gift at holidays and for Mother's Day.   READ MORE right arrow

Gardening Guide Close-Ups

Gumbo, which translates to okra in Bantu, is not the only dish that can be enjoyed with okra, although it's certainly the most popular one! More popular in southern cuisine, okra can be fried, eaten whole, dried; pickled; grilled; roasted; and of course, a staple in jambalaya and gumbo. If you're considering growing your own, consider the best okra companion plants to go with them in your garden.  READ MORE right arrow
Delicious Meyer lemons come from a tree produced by crossing a true lemon with an orange or tangerine cultivar. If you've never tried one before, you'd be correct in assuming that its flavor is basically a sweeter lemon! They have substantial culinary appeal because they offer the tartness of a lemon, without the true sour, and have a sweetness closer to an orange, which makes a beautiful vinaigrette, glaze, dessert, and garnish.   READ MORE right arrow
Wheat is one of the oldest crops in history and is grown around the world. In fact, the worldwide wheat crop is bigger than all the other crops grown in the world, all together. Have you ever wondered if you can grow wheat at home?   READ MORE right arrow

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