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Harvesting Your Pumpkins

Harvesting a Hokkaido Pumpkin.

Harvesting a Hokkaido Pumpkin.

Your pumpkins are ready for harvest when they’ve reached their particular color (orange in most cases), the rind is hard, and the vine is mostly dry. This is where you’ll have to walk the pumpkin patch and check each pumpkin individually; they probably won’t all ripen at exactly the same time.

Cut your pumpkins from the vine carefully. Use pruning shears or a sharp knife. Pumpkins without stems don’t usually keep well. Be sure to wear gloves when you harvest your pumpkins; many varieties have sharp prickles on their stems.

Store your pumpkins in a cool, dry spot (barn, garage, basement) until you’re ready to use them.

Please tell us about your pumpkin-harvesting techniques. Do you get a big harvest from your pumpkin patch?


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